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Buying Food along the way or pack it all in

I can't tell you what your food would cost but I can tell you that shipping food in was expensive and a big waste of money. We shipped food to Norman Wells and it actually was bumped and delayed our trip by a day waiting for it. You could check out Northern Stores  and call different stores and get an idea of prices for food items that you are interested in. There are some pretty decent sized food stores in Hay River, Fort Simpson, Tulita, Norman Wells, Inuvik and Tuk. All the other towns, with the exception of Jean Marie River will have at least of eggs, bread etc. If I was to redo the trip I would buy eggs, bread, milk, pasta, meats, fruit etc along the way and only bring things I might not find like organic coffee, special chocolate bars, currys, spices etc. It will be more expensive than buying in Edmonton, but I don't think so much that its worth the trouble, or expense of shipping everything.  There is a liquour store in Hay River, Fort Simpson, Norman wells and Inuvik.